Dr. Angelo Cervone is Assistant Professor at TU Delft and responsible of several courses given by the Aerospace Engineering faculty (“Aerospace Design and Systems Engineering Elements”, “Propulsion and Power”, “Spacecraft Technology”, “Micropropulsion”). He holds a PhD in space propulsion at University of Pisa (Italy), followed by a 2-years post-doc fellowship at Osaka University (Japan) funded by the Japanese government. He is author or co-author of more than 30 book chapters contributions and scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, and more than 80 papers presented at international conferences. He is currently supervising 3 PhD candidates and has co-supervised 3 candidates who successfully completed their PhD in the past. He has been Project Manager or Principal Investigator for more than 10 R&D projects, mainly funded by the European Space Agency. Among other ones, he is currently Principal Investigator at TU Delft for LUMIO, an international cooperation for a CubeSat mission at the Lagrangian point L2, to observe and characterize micrometeoroid impacts on the Lunar far side.

Areas of expertise

  • Space Systems Engineering
  • Micro-Propulsion and Micro/Nano-Satellites
  • Small Satellite Deep-Space Exploration Missions
  • Chemical propulsion: monopropellant, bipropellant and hybrid engines for medium and low thrusts
  • “Green” propellants for space rocket applications
  • Cavitation and rotordynamics in pumps and hydrofoils
  • Turbopumps for liquid propulsion rockets
  • Solid Rocket Motors ignition transients
  • Analysis and trade-off of propulsion subsystems for interplanetary missions
  • Electric propulsion for space vehicles and interaction of plasma plumes with vehicle components