A team of Stardust-R project researchers from the University of Strathclyde led by Dr Andrew Wilson had a virtual “visit” to the Dairsie Primary school, Fife, Scotland on 4th June 2021. Andrew and his colleagues, Abhishek Peddakotla and Lewis Walker, gave a presentation about aerospace engineering for a class of primary pupils. First, Dr Wilson outlined what problems aerospace engineers tackle these days and challenges of the future. He also explained what kind of knowledge an aerospace engineer should posses and told them about his own career path of an ordinary Scottish boy who became an expert in the environmental assessment of human activities in aerospace. The Stardust-R project was presented as an example of modern approaches to implement sustainable exploration and exploitation of space. Then, each of researchers briefly explained the projects they currently work on. The presentations were followed by questions from kids who were curious about future means of transportation.