Dr. Bojan Novakovic is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Astronomy at the University of Belgrade and the Planetary Science Research Group leader. He holds a PhD in Astronomy from the University of Belgrade.

Dr. Novakovic is the principal investigator of one domestic and one international project and has been involved in numerous international collaborations and projects, supported by different funding agencies and companies, including the European Commission, the Serbian Science Foundation, and NASA. He was/is the supervisor of three completed and two ongoing PhD thesis. His research interest focuses on small solar system objects and, in particular, on collisionally formed asteroid families and covers a wide range of related studies. He has also studied a new class of solar system objects, the so-called main-belt comets.

He published about 50 peer-reviewed journal papers and over 100 publications in total. For his contribution in the field of asteroid research, the asteroid ”11805 (1981 EL13)” has been renamed ”Novakovic” by the IAU Minor Planet Center. He is one of the founders and managing editor of the Asteroid Families Portal, an online service to search for information and analyze collisional asteroid families.

Areas of expertise

  • Small Solar System Objects
  • Physical and Dynamical Characterization of Asteroids
  • Collisional Asteroid Families
  • Main Belt Comets
  • Dynamical Stability of Planetary Systems
  • Origin and Evolution of Solar System