Kurt Schwenk received a master degree in mathematics 2009 from the University of Regensburg with his master thesis in algebraic geometry with the topic “The duality of singular curves”. He joined the German Aerospace Center (DLR) Space Operations and Astronaut Training facility 2010 as a PhD candidate.
In 2016 he received his PhD from the Department of Aerospace Engineering from Universität der Bundeswehr Münchenwith the topic “Methods of image segmentation and connected component labeling on an FPGA for future on-board image analysis”.
Since 2015 Dr Schwenk is working on the topic “on board data analysis”. He is a founder and currently the lead engineer for the “On-Board-Data-Analysis and Real-Time Information System” (ODARIS) developed at the DLR.

Areas of expertise:

  • On-board Data Processing
  • On-board Computing Systems
  • Computer Architecture
  • Computer Vision
  • Field Programmable Gate Array
  • Software Engineering
  • System Engineering.