As a part of Stardust-R outreach programme we organised a meeting with the Space Club of St. Columba’s school in Kilmacolm, Scotland. The meeting was organised via Teams on 1st of March 2022. The space club of St.Columba’s secondary school is a team of 14-17 year old pupils interested in space science. The club is supervised by the math teacher Mr D. Stark. They are currently working on the following projects:  

The school’s next ambition is to run a pilot course/qualification course in Space Education/Sciences.  They have just submitted an application for some funding via the UK Space Agency – 

The Stardust-R team comprising university lecturer Dr. Christie Maddock, eraly stage researchers Sai Abhishek Peddakotla and Lewis Walker told kids about current challenges related to space debris. Dr. Maddock explained how scientist can help to reduce amount of space junk and what expertise is required. Abhishek and Lewis spoke about their personal projects. The kids asked very interesting questions and presented two research articles they have written recently: