The Stardust-R Network is committed to engaging with diverse audiences to explain and promote the research being undertaken by the ESRs and other members of the Network, and to demonstrate the value of this research to the world. We hope that Stardust-Reloaded project also serves as an inspiration to people who wish to learn. We promote STEM activities and education, and hope that through our fun and educational outreach sessions, some younger audience members might consider a future as a scientist in the fields of space debris and asteroids.

Here one can browse through key public engagement and outreach activities and events Stardust-R has been involved in.

Life Cycle Assessment for Space Applications

The idea behind the Stardust Podcast series is to introduce members of  Space Engineering community.  We hope that these informal interviews give an opportunity to experts working in the field to share their achievements and plans for future. While young researchers can learn about the real nitty-gritty of doing successful career in Asteroids, Space Debris & Artificial Intelligence. The project was initiated by Matteo Manzi, former member of the Stardust network.

As a member of the Planetary Defense Office, you never expected to make a monumental discovery. But that’s exactly what happened when you found an asteroid that is on a collision course with Earth. This asteroid is a threat to life on our planet, and you are working tirelessly to find a way to stop it. Will you be able to prevent a global catastrophe? Try here…

The Strathclyde team of the project took part in COP26 activities organised by the Sustainable Glasgow Landing Hub.

Stardust Reloaded stories are covered by media around the globe.

This is a space inspired art project for kids to do with any craft tools available to create a stunning and simple impression of the world surrounding our planet.