The Stardust Podcast

The Stardust Podcast is a side project of Matteo Manzi, one of the Early Stage Researchers in the Stardust Reloaded network. Matteo will periodically share his informal conversations with experts in the field of Space Engineering, with particular focus on Asteroids, Space Debris & Artificial Intelligence.

Episode #5

Tiago Soares
Systems Engineer
ESA – Clean Space Office

Episode #4

Roberto Furfaro
Full Professor
University of Arizona

Episode #3

Noelia Sánchez-Ortiz
Director of SSA Programmes
Deimos Space S.L.U.

Episode #2

Camilla Colombo
Associate Professor
Politecnico di Milano

Episode #1

Francesco Topputo
Associate Professor
Politecnico di Milano

Episode #0

Stuart Grey
Undergraduate Course Director
University of Strathclyde