Four Project Working Groups (PWG) have been formed among ESRs and some external participants:

  • ILIAD (IntelLIgent Atmospheric Density modelling for space operations): Matteo Manzi, Sai Abhishek Peddakotla, Emma Stevenson.
  • LOONY (the design of a Lunar glObalpOsitioNingsYstem constellation): Tudor Vartolomei, Irene Cavallari, Oscar Rodriguez Del Rio, Marco Fenucci.
  • FLAIR (Flexible Landing on Asteroids using Intelligent Robotics): Roberto Paoli, Shubham Vyas, Karl-Martin Kajak, PelayoPeñarroya.
  • MASSE (MAssive Solar System Exploration): Mauricio Misquero, Edoardo Legnaro, Mattia Pugliatti, Stefano Casini.

The ideas behind these projects and plans to implement have been presented at LTW-I in May 2020.

The second round of PWGs has been initiated in 2021 to implement lessons learned during the first round. This time three groups have been formed:

  • CODEM  (Intelligent COllision Detection for long-term debris Environment Management): Roberto Paoli – Luis Sanchez – Emma Stevenson – Tudor Vartolomei.
  • ICETEA  (Ice and Comets Evolution: Themis Exploration Assessment.): Stefano Casini − Irene Cavallari − Marco Fenucci − Pelayo Peñarroya − Mattia Pugliatti − Óscar Rodríguez − Yirui Wang.
  • ELIDIS  (End of LIfe DIsposal Solutions): Edoardo Legnaro – Sai Abhishek Peddakotla – Shubham Vyas – Karl Martin Kajak.

Outcomes of the new PWGs have been reported in December 2022.  Main results and overall experience of being involved in collaborative studies have been discussed  with members of all three teams via informal interviews that can be seen in the latest Stardust Podcast series.