The 2nd International Stardust Conference

7-11 November 2022

ESA European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) Noordwijk, The Netherlands

The main aim of the conference is to share methods and results generated over the past four years within Stardust-R to the scientific community, and to expose the participants, in particular the early stage researchers, to the research being actively conducted around the world in the fields of space debris and asteroids.

The conference will be run in two parallel symposia: 
1) Exploration of Asteroids, and 2) Space Environment Management & Sustainability.

Both in person and remote participation are welcome.

Technical programmes of both symposia are available here.

  • Computation of asteroid orbits
  • Asteroid deflection
  • Near-Earth Objects: Observations
  • Near-Earth Objects: Models and simulations
  • Asteroid exploration: Orbiting about small bodies
  • Asteroid exploration: Navigating about small bodies
  • Small satellite technologies for deep-space missions
  • Autonomy and reliability of small satellites for deep-space exploration
  • Industry and planetary protection
  • Missions for minor bodies exploration
  • Space Environment Management
  • Modelling and Evolution of the Space Environment
  • In-orbit servicing, manufacturing and recycling
  • Re-entry analysis and Design for Demise
  • Sustainable exploration and exploitation of outer space