The 2nd International Stardust Conference

7-11 November 2022

ESA European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) Noordwijk, The Netherlands

The conference was a mix of invited and keynote talks, and technical oral and poster presentations. 

There were two symposia run in parallel through the week:

The Exploration of Asteroids symposium aims to bring together world experts on asteroids to review the current state-of-the-art in the field and to discuss its future development. It will primarily focus on near-Earth asteroids (NEAs), and strategies to optimize the synergies between science, human exploration, planetary defence and mission planning for NEAs. 

Video recordings of most talks are stored in the password protected repository accessible via the link below:

Technical  programme.

The symposium on space environment management and sustainability brought together a diverse set of experts on the short and long term management of the space environment, space situational awareness and tracking, and mitigation actions. 

Video recordings of most talks are stored in the password protected repository accessible via the link below:

Technical programme.

On Wednesday, 9th November 2022, we invite all who are coming in person to join us for the Gala dinner at Brasserie-Restaurant Koetshuis ‘De Burcht’. The dinner will take place at 19:30 -22:30 of local time. The cost of the buffet dinner is €35 per person excluding drinks. The restaurant website:

The dinner menu: BURCHT BUFFET (002)