The Space Environment Management & Sustainability Symposium

7-11 November 2022
ESA European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC),
Noordwijk, The Netherlands

Topics of Space Environment Management and Sustainability symposium:

  • Space Environnent Management
  • Modelling and Evolution of the Space Environment
  • In-orbit Servicing, manufacturing and recycling
  • Re-entry Analysis and Design for Demise
  • Sustainable Exploration and Exploitation of Space Systems.

Confirmed keynote speakers:

Christophe BonnalCNES
Sustainability of Orbital Operations:
status of Space Pollution and proposed actions

Sławomir BreiterAdam Mickiewicz University
Asteroids rotation – is it understandable ?

Alinda Mashiku, NASA CARA
Space Environment Sustainability and Space Situational Awareness.

Darren McKnight, LeoLabs
Identifying the “Hot Spots” in LEO.

Elisa Maria Alessi
Natural perturbations as allies for space debris mitigation and long-term sustainability: the case of the solar radiation pressure – oblateness coupled effect.

Christoph Lhotka, University Rome Tor Vergata
On the origin of latitudinal oscillations of charged dust in the solar system.

Gianfranco Visentin, ESA
New approaches for orbital robotics at ESA.

Jesús Tirado
AI-controlled Space Traffic. An overview of AI applications for Space Traffic Management.

Hodei Urrutxua
, University Rey Juan Carlos I
Relative Navigation Challenges for Active Debris Removal Missions and the Role that Artificial Intelligence Can Play.

Cristina de Persis, ESA
Design for Demise: Open points and Future challenges.