The Strathclyde team of the project took part in COP26 activities organised by the Sustainable Glasgow Landing Hub.

A presentation by Prof. Massimiliano Vasile and round table on how space is used to achieve our sustainability goals and on the sustainability of our use of space. The talk and round table presented the current problem with our use of space, the possible futures and the technologies that can make the use of space sustainable in the future. The panel of experts led by Prof. Vasile included:

Dr. Jinglang Feng, Lecturer, Aerospace Centre of Excellence, University of Strathclyde.
Dr. Andrew Wilson, Knowledge Exchange Associate, Aerospace Centre of Excellence, University of Strathclyde.
Dr. Juan Carlos Dolado-Perez, Head of the Space Situational Awareness Office, CNES (French Space Agency), Member of the International Astronautical Federation Space Traffic Management and Space Debris committees.
Kumar Singarajah, Director Government & Regulatory Affairs (UK & Europe), Astroscale UK.
Romain Buchs, Scientific Assistant, International Risk Governance Center, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

The talk and discussion have been recorded and can be watched here.

Dr Andrew Wilson gave the public talk that was broadcasted live via Stardust Reloaded YouTube channel. The talk was also recorded and can be watched here.

Our posters were exhibited at Sustainable Glasgow Landing site throughout two weeks of COP26.