The Local Training Workshop II

The second Local Training Workshop (LTW-II) of the Stardust-R project organised by the Delft University of Technology in collaboration with Hyperion Technologies BV took place on 21-23 February 2022. Due to COVID 19 public regulations and travel restrictions the event was conducted in the online format using MS Teams.

The workshop focused on training for complementary skills required to become a successful researcher. The training intended to give the participants insight on how to acquire funding for their research, product, or idea via preparing and submitting funding proposals to fictional Commercial and  Research calls for funding. The training process included corresponding panels: “Commercial” (acquire funding for a start-up/product), and “Research” (acquire institutional funding for a research activity) to evaluate quality of the proposals. Groups of 2-4 researchers were invited to register for the workshop. Each registered team was asked to submit proposals to the two panels, which were presented and critically reviewed during the workshop. The participation in the workshop was free of charge.

Coaching presentations:

Francesco Topputo (Politecnico di Milano): The path towards your next ERC grant.
Massimiliano Vasile (Strathclyde Un.): The beauty and the beast of large-scale projects with multiple partners: from proposal preparation to coordination challenges.
Frank Versluis (TU Delft Innovation&Impact Centre): An exploration of funding opportunities in Horizon Europe.
Lucia Senchermes (Deimos): Space Business in large companies.
Bert Monna (Hyperion Technologies): From idea to business; start-up experiences in the space domain.

Three teams composed mainly from Stardust-R researchers were registered for the workshop.

Team 2 became top ranked team in both competitions.

Congratulations to the winners and well done to all participants!