This open source tool provides 27-day forecasts of the solar radio flux at 10.7 cm (the F10.7), along with its associated forecast uncertainty, for spacecraft and space debris operators and researchers in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). Acting as a proxy for solar activity, the F10.7 is routinely used by thermospheric density models which are used for orbit determination and propagation, and consequently critical activities such as collision avoidance and re-entry campaigns. The forecasts and  uncertainties are generated using a deep ensemble of models based on the novel N-BEATS deep residual network architecture.

For more information, see: Stevenson, E., Rodriguez-Fernandez, V., Minisci, E., Camacho, D. (2021). A Deep Learning Approach to Solar Radio Flux Forecasting. Acta Astronautica. DOI 10.1016/j.actaastro.2021.08.004

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