The Training School II

The Stardust-R Training School II took place at the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology of Politecnico di Milano on 10-13 February 2020. It was organised together with the UTOPIAE Local Training Workshop II.

The TS-II lasted for 4 days and covered in detail the topics that concur to “Exploration and Exploitation of Minor Bodies”. TS-II featured 20 hours of lectures taught by leading experts in the field complemented by one day of training on transferable skills. The total estimated training time was 120 hours: 26 hours of lectures and 94 hours of student led learning including synthesis of delivered materials, background research of the ESRs, collecting the lectures and putting them online via the relevant wiki topic.

Videos of lectures and copies of presentations can be found here. At present, the school materials are available for participants of the event only.