Opening Training School

The Opening Training School will provide basic but comprehensive training on all the WPs. The OTS will feature 12 hours of lectures from invited speakers, outside this ETN, and 20 hours of lectures delivered by the members of this ETN over 5 days. Each partner in this ETN will deliver a lecture relevant to the project of their ESRs and to the WP they will be leading. The school will include 6 hours of lectures on transferable skills and a 2 hour induction on the research, training and outreach programmes within Stardust-R, the role of the ESRs, the EC and all the annexes and relevant information on nature and goals of an ETN. After the school, as a practical exercise, the ESRs will be asked to edit the lectures into a book of lectures. The total estimated training time is estimated to be 100 hours: 40 hours of delivered material and 60 hours of student centred learning on the topics covered at the OTS and the creation of the initial versions of the wiki sessions. This is enough for 5 ECTS credits (4 credits for hard skills, 1 credit for soft skills). The first ETN meeting will be held during the OTS.