The Opening Training School took place at the University of Strathclyde’s Insight Institute from 2th to 7th December 2019. The OTS  provided basic, but comprehensive training on all the Stardust-R Work Packages over the 5 days. featuring:

  • 27 hours of lectures delivered by the members of the network
  • 4 hours of lectures on transferable skills
  • 1 hour induction on the Stardust-R research, training and outreach programmes 
  • 7+ hours of outreach training and practice

The total estimated training time is estimated to be 100 hours: 40 hours of delivered material and 60 hours of student centred learning on the topics covered at the OTS and the creation of the initial versions of the wiki sessions. This is enough for 5 ECTS credits (4 credits for hard skills, 1 credit for soft skills). 

The first Stardust-R network supervisory board meeting was held on the afternoon of Tuesday 3rd December.

Public talk on “EXPLORING ASTEROIDS AND COMETS“.  Join Dr. Roberto Furfaro, Professor and Director of the Space Situational Awareness Arizona Initiative, as we investigate the challenges involved in sending spacecraft to these small bodies, explain why we want to understand them better, and how we might even bring a sample of one back to Earth.  SATURDAY 7TH DECEMBER at 16:00 at the Planetarium of the Glasgow Science Centre.


Technical Programme

This is where you can find the Programme of the Opening Training School.

Social Events

Details of the Opening Training School social programme will be posted here.

Venue & Directions

This is where you can find information on the Insight Institute at University of Strathclyde and how to get there.

Travel, Accommodation & Visa

Information on travelling to Glasgow, places to stay and links for further detail on visa requirements can be found here.

Restricted Repository

Presentations and videos from the Opening Training School will be available to Stardust-R personnel here