The Global Virtual Workshop I


The first Global Virtual Workshop (GVW-I) of the Stardust-R network was organised by the University of Pisa (Italy) and the University of Belgrade (Serbia) in the period of 7-10 September 2020. GVW-I is the first international event of the project and the technical programme covered theme of “Exploration, Exploitation of Minor Bodies of the Solar System”. The event lasted for 4 days.

Due to the current Covid-19 emergency THE WORKSHOP WAS HELD REMOTELY, both for speakers and participants.

The GVW-I programme covered the following topics:

1) close approaches theory for impact monitoring
2) control of small satellites with limited resources
3) deep space navigation
4) deflection of asteroids by kinetic impactors
5) dynamical and physical characterisation of asteroids and binary systems
6) intelligent landing systems
7) mutual geometry of orbits
8) navigation in close proximity and landing on solar system minor bodies
9) orbit determination of asteroids
10) patched dynamics for satellites and spacecrafts
11) sample return missions
12) small spacecraft systems for deep space missions
More details can be found at the web page of local organizers  
Besides invited talks and tutorials on topics strictly related to the network research (, there were oral contributions of the network Early Stage Researchers and presentations by external participants. Any enquiries for post event information should be sent by e-mail to before June 30, 2020.
All workshop materials can be found in the Restricted Repository. Please contact Stardust-R administrator  to access data.
The Workshop was funded by the Stardust-R project, Grant Agreement n. 813644, under the H2020 research and innovation program.