The Local Training Workshop I

The Local Training Workshop I (LTW-I) of the Stardust-R project organised by the Technical University of Madrid and Deimos Space took place 18-21 May 2020. LTW-I followed the Opening Training School and was dedicated to practical training on the topics covered in the Opening Training School and the Training School II. It included PWG presentations, four concurrent working sessions with five study groups each, two talks, and one outreach activity held prior to the workshop. The training featured 6.5 hours of practical exercise every day. The total estimated training time is estimated to be 80 hours (26 hours of training and 54 hours of student preparation for the working sessions and for the creation of the PWG proposal presentations. This corresponds to 3 ECTS credits (2 credits for hard skills and 1 credit for soft skills). The participation in the workshop has been confirmed by the Attendance Certificate. An example of the certificate is enclosed at the end of this report.

Topics of concurrent working sessions included:

  • Re-entry of space objects under uncertainty.
  • Artificial Intelligence application to Image Processing for autonomous navigation around small bodies.
  • A Machine Learning approach to distinguish between regular and chaotic motions of space debris in the geopotential approximation.
  • Asteroid families in the proper elements space.

Given the current situation with spread of the coronavirus in Europe and the travel restrictions, it was agreed to organise a virtual LTW-I and Supervisory Board Meeting using videoconferencing facilities. 

Social Events

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